I never wanted to write this but I had no choice than to do so. I was miffed at the write-up written by Yewa News Extra, an online news platform, tagged “Ilaro Cathedral Chaos( Facts and Pictures).” With due respect, the facts in this write-up are full of lies. After reading the article, I was left with no choice than to conclude that the news platform went on with the article without engaging in investigative journalism.
During the new year’s eve, Revd. S.O Adewumi announced his resignation as the Provost of the Cathedral Church of Christ, Ilaro. This angered his supporters who vowed to see the ‘end’ of the Bishop, Rt. Revd. Oluwarohunbi.
The article talks about the last Sunday service which was unable to hold. Contrary to what the news platform said, those who protested (mostly elderly women ) by carrying placards were given a thousand naira each. ( I stand to be corrected! ) This shows that corruption is everywhere.
The inscription on the placards were written for them as almost all of them are illiterates. They were tipped by those against the Bishop.
I intend to bring better details soon. And I also hope that delicate issues like this are investigated before any write-up comes up. We can’t just write on religious matters without proper investigation.


Anyway, I can’t just imagine how the house of God has turned to a place where armed men are staged for peace to reign. It is an obnoxious act which most be condemned by all. This obnoxious act defames the image Of Ilaro-Yewa and Yewaland in general. I hope it ends soon. Soon? I mean soonest!


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