It is well to form the habit of saying kindly things. Sincere words of commendation help all true men and women to live more worthily and to achieve better things. They should be spoken, too, while people live. Kind words come too late when they areheld back till death has closed the ears and chilled the heart, when words cannot avail to comfort or help.Too many people speak the wrong words, too – words that hurt, that fall on sensitive feelings like frost on the flowers. They thoughtlessly allude to matters which are of painful interest. They stir up sad or bitter memories in those who are trying to forget them. They lack the tact which always turns conversation into pleasant channels.We should all learn the art of pleasant speech. It is not a matter of elocution or grammar – it is a matterof heart culture. Love must be the inspirer, and theremust be the grace of thoughtfulness in word and tone.
-Odunaro Sunday


I wish the entire OLAKANMI family the fortitude to bear the lost of one of our brothers Hon.SundayOlakanmi.May HE rest in the bossom of the lord.
-Kunle Olakanmi

When I heard the news, I was short of words, My heart was heavy, It was so hard to express the emotions that ran through. May God almighty be by the Olakanmi family to console and to strenghten.We mourn a great man, A contributor to d growth of our great society, A Lover of the young and old,though not rich but generous. Indeed death has cheated us again by leaving the wicked and taking the good one…. Hon. Olakanmi Sunday, Afeo, sugbon Jesu fe o ju, sun re! sun re!! sunre!!!
  -Odu Olufemi David
  President, Ilaro Youth Council


May his soul rest in perfect peace
-Oluyemisi Oloyo

What a great loss, we were together in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s 2000 till 9th of January 2016 when I was called that HON SUNDAY AKANBI OLAKANMI has passed on. ORE we love you but christ loves you most, rest in the bosom of the lord. Omo Oosata Ogboronu to famoran joye, Omo Orojukaka fi ara re tunle se, Omo Onigbelede ilebara. SUN REE OOO.           
-Rotarian Olakanmi Idowu Phf

Can’t still believe it…..pls,can somebody tell me it’s not true.Ha,so I’v lost my brother Hon Sunday Olakanmi,may ur gentle soul rest in perfect peace
  -Kayode Olakanmi

Death is inevitable! It’s a great loss indeed! Ilaro Newswave wishes the family and the whole town the ability to bear the loss. Death is no hero!



  1. Hmmmnn, I cant believe Sunday Olakanmi, my good friend, my school mate is gone forever. What a loss!!!. I remember his name kept ringing in my head that I should check on him when I got to Ilaro during christmas, but my travails eluded me, I hardly remember all I wanted to do at Ilaro before I left 26th early in the morning. JUst to thank Him concerning his help last year concerning my sister’s transfer. He genuinely did it without seeing me and my sister kept on remembering me to say thank you to him. I promised I wont call but to see him and discussed other issues. Little did I know that I wont see Sunday again. My good friend, Socialite Sunday Olakanmi, why did you go so soon? whyyyyyy??? Sunday!!! O ma se ooo. Well, as I used to say when my spouse died four months ago, that those who killed you have murdered death and they will sleep no more.
    Omo Baba Alaago, sleep well my Brother. AAHHH!, I feel for your wife and children. Noooo!, somebody should tell me Sunday did not die!!!
    Sunday wake up for your wife and children please.
    Hmmmnnnnn!!!, Okiki awon eni nla fihan pe awa lee towon, sugbon nigbati a ba pehinda, ao maa ranti ohun rere gbogbo ti a fi le le. (Chief Olu Owolabi)

    Rest in Perfect Peace Socialite Sunday Olakanmi

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