To many, it is too early to start taking about the 2019 governorship election in OGUN State. But political calculations are going on as Ogun West aims to produce the next governor of the state.
A dogged and blunt Ogun State-born politician, Senator Veronica Iyabo Anisulowo has declared her interest ahead of the 2019 governorship election in the state. Senator Anisulowo parades an intimidating profile, as former Secretary to the old Egbado South Local Government Area (now Yewa South) of Ogun State, two times commissioner in the state, former Minister of State for Education in the late General Sanni Abacha’s military regime, and former senator for Ogun West senatorial district.
When asked if she has any interest, she said ” Yes, I do. I have contested an election before. In 1999, I contested for the governorship seat of Ogun State. Really, if I had gotten it then I would have governed for more than 15 years, now. And I think that the stage should be more matured now than that time when there was scepticism on the issue of women assuming that exalted number one office.  I believe they should have outgrown that chauvinism.”
Asked about her reason for eyeing the seat, she said, “I am doing that because we have struggled so hard for Yewa/Awori people to govern the state, because if we have four legs, three legs have already governed many times. Two legs have governed many, many times and the other leg hasn’t governed. So, what is wrong with us governing? We should govern, but the problem we have is the lack of unity among us. But that notwithstanding, like me, I have been Secretary to Local Government, I was in the State Civil Service Commission and once, I was Commissioner for Agriculture, Rural Development and Inter – Resources and soon afterwards, I became a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. After that, I contested to begovernor. I was the first person to get a ticket to run from our area (Ogun West), the first ever to get the ticket and to run for the governorship seat.”



  1. Yes she worth it she’s got d c v d required qualifficatn and she’s God fearing may d grace of God be upon her to get there. We need People like her not all this elder collecting military ammunition money

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  2. She is a mother, calm, collected and very blunt. I am positive she will be there. I have interacted with her very well in the past and I can vouch for her performance in that office. Let us support her.
    Dele Thomas

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