THE former governorship candidate of the Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) in Ogun State, Prince Rotimi Paseda, has expressed confidence that he would become the next governor of the state. Paseda stated that his first appearance to contest for the Okemosan Office in the April 2015 governorship election was a test for him within the political terrain of the Gateway State. The election, he explained, had fully prepared him for the next election in 2019.
The millionaire politician made these views known at the yearly remembrance church service for the late Pa Abraham Daniel, the deceased father of the ex-Ogun State Governor, Otunba. He said at the service held at the Abraham Tabernacle Church, Sagamu that in 2019 the people of the state would surelyvote for him. Paseda said: “There is nothing wrong with the people. For those votes, I have to thank them because I came out, they did not really know who I was and with everything you do in life there has to be a test run.“ I see that people were trying to observe and see who Paseda is. They now know who Paseda is, they have observed me, they have tested me, they have researched me, they have goggled me, they have carried me and all others.” He added: “So 2019 is the year that the people will give me a big opportunity to say a bigger thank you, so that I can do what Baba Awolowo would or should have done when he was alive.”
According to him, one of the political strategies he would employed in the next dispensation would be to embrace the good people in the All Progress Congress (APC) and People’s Democratic Party (PDP), to form his government Pasesa said: “I am an Awoist to the core and I believe in everything that Baba Awolowo believes in.  What Baba said before he died was ‘there would come to a time where the good from the right and the good from the left would come together and form credible government. “And that is what I’m taking forward. The good from the left and the good from the right, the good in the APC, the good in the PDP let them all come together and let us form the government together.” “I, as the incoming governor of Ogun State, would have APC people in my government and PDP people in my government regardless of when I am not a member,” he further stressed. He also said: “If they are good, I will go out there, I will look for them and I will beg them to come and serve. It is not about me, it is about Ogun State.“You all know that I am a businessman and I just came into politics. So why should I be a different man than I was before I joined politics. I am Paseda and I would continue to be a Paseda.”
He defended his party over the diversion of the $2.1billion fund for arms procurement involving Col. Sambo Dasuki, the former National Security Adviserto ex-President Goodluck Jonathan.According to him, his party was not involved in the sharing of the money, and challenged whoever has contrary information should say it in the public domain. “The issue here is, let’s call a spade a spade, in any political party, previous and current, there would always be bad eggs, you can’t avoid that,” Paseda said, adding: “Some will be good while some will be bad.  I can assure you that what happened and whatyou are referring to has absolutely nothing to do with the UPN, we did not participate.” He added: “I challenge anybody to bring out any documentation that UPN-Paseda or UPN chairman Prof. Okuwa or any of the UPN chieftains participated in any form. “We are legitimate people, we are God-fearing and we are citizens of Ogun State.  You will not find us wanting in that land.”


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