Yewaland: The New Face!


IMPOSSIBILITY? We do not believe in that word!
It’s time to speak with one voice!
It’s time to quit the waiting game!
It’s time to take the shot!
No discrimination! It’s a COLLECTIVE DREAM!
Let’s speak with one voice!
Distractions are on the road! We must be determined!
Words won’t take us there! Division won’t take us there! The key is ONENESS!
No more discrimination! The time is NOW!


One thought on “Yewaland: The New Face!

  1. I deeply encourage the Idea behind this platform..2016 stands as the year to break the yock of Under development, poverty, Weak Human Capital, low self esteem and so many more in Yewa’s times to change the story! As a progressive and industrious Sons & daughters of yewa land every member of this forum must rise up to this call to change the story of yewa standing tall, acting write, talking positive and backing the words with Action that will lead us to results, we must come together as one indivisible entity to build an Economic force that All of Ogun state will be forced to record with in the Next 5 to 10 years ..we must help our young people understand that education is key to liberation,we go beyond the ordinary SSCE,OND,B.SC we must continue to educate our minds with new Innovation, our youths must dream big ! Yes Dream big! Entrepreneurship , Industrialisation, must be at the front burner of our Agenda and the discuss ..we all know our story, our challenges…. yes we all do…IT’S Times offer Solutions to the prevailing problems of Yewa! Remember that if u are not part of the Solution then you are part of the Problem!! Technology has offered us a great opportunity to share ideas and interact, his platform offers offers a great chance for us to change our story .. “it’s time to break-the Chains Yewa “…. be part of the solution..I salute everyone on this forum who has part of the movement. I Am : Oluwaseyi A.Akinde ( industrialist / Entrepreneur) Founder/ CEO Affordable Production Company located in Ilaro,Ogun state..

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