It’s time to step on toes! Self conceited toes and powerful toes for that matter!
I’ve come across different articles that talk about the marginalisation of Ogun West. Some I support fully and others partially. But I’m somehow miffed that almost all these articles failed to realize that most of our challenges(not problems) come from within. We’re marginalising ourselves!!!
Our inability to produce leaders who would never sell their integrities to pay for their conveniences is a big challenge. Where are the those who call themselves leaders? We DO NOT have leaders! We have DEALERS! Dealers that would never engage in a good deal for their representatives but themselves.


The Owode-Ilaro road is in a pitiable condition. Do we really have a representative at the House of Representatives? I wanna know if we do! I know we have a Senator at the upper chamber but… Wait! Do you know who a puppet is? If you do, please tell me! I have not found a word,  a ‘good’ word, to compliment and qualify the achievements of some past Senators. I hope to find soon! Where are the leaders? Nowhere to be found!
Followers! The headache lies here! Followers who believe in sheer mediocrity! Followers that can be bought cheaply! Oh!!! Too bad! Tip them and they would turn deaf and dumb!
Absence of unity! A divided home can never win a war against a united one. Never!
Having identified some self-initiated problems, the way out is obvious and there is really no need to accentuate the solutions. It’s time to go against the anomalous scenarios. Let’s stop crying! Let’s realize our mistakes and learn from them. LET’S LEARN!


Before I forget, as drums are being rolled out, I can feel the pomp and pageantry that  characterise the celebration of four decades of development and underdevelopment. Let’s us join the good people of Ogun State and their ‘generous’ and ‘rational’ governor to ‘celebrate’ and ‘rejoice’.


I hope we would learn our lessons from this ‘celebration’.
OGUN 2019: The game starts now! No time is more appropriate than now! If you think we should start tomorrow, then tomorrow is now! Any individual from Yewa who calls himself or herself a leader and who is ready to be used as a tool against the region’s quest, be careful! If madness we must have, some of us are ready!
United we stand and divided we fall.
Let’s do this! It begins with you, a Yewan!


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