OGUN 2019: Ogun West All the Way!


The campaign starts now!
The battle is near
The question is how?
All the challenges we must bear
We say NO to marginalization
We say NO to oppression
No more confusion,
But work with concentration
No more division!
No more discrimination!
A Big YES to togetherness
Togetherness without bitterness.
We’re taking our stand
Just to build our land.
We’ll make our dream a reality
Coz the ball is within our territory.

Let’s PLAY it well!
OGUN 2019: Ogun West All the Way!
Tell Someone!


One thought on “OGUN 2019: Ogun West All the Way!

  1. Let’s look at it from this perspective Sir (Mr Paseda), take dualization of roads as a case study, Assuming the dualization did not take place, do u think Ogun state will have this kind of developed look? Just imagine the kind of traffic challenges the good people of Ogun State will face by now? Though everyone has the right to his or her own opinion but still, we need to be appreciative (at least Arun oju ni kii se arun imu,is visible for all to see)…is funny sah, thank God u even acknowledged the projects as a “glorified” one whether the project is needed or not? The common man will give u a non-biased answer. OGD and the rest did their best in their time. But how beneficial is their administrations? I think a non partisan person will tell you Amosun’s is weightier than the rest altogether. I know this is a build up to 2019, I rest my case here, awaiting your welcoming response.


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