Cathedral Church of Christ: And the Crises Continues! Is Scapegoatism the Way Out?

I hardly write on religious matters especially in a country where virtually everybody is mad about religious dogmas; dogmas whose history they. hardly know and dogmas that were rammed in largely through brain washing and mostly idiotic sloganeering. Everywhere is full of wrong assumptions giving birth to wrong deductions and extremely biased conclusions. Almost everyone takes a side instead of them uniting against a common evil that is about to destroy the efforts of our forebears – The Cathedral Church of Christ, Ilaro.

The Cathedral Church of Christ, Ilaro

I am not going to start telling any story. I am not part of those taking sides. I am an advocate against this common evil. The Cathedral Church of Christ has remained closed due to the unending crisis that if not we’ll controlled, it may leads to something no one expected.

The crisis has defamed and it is still defaming the image of Ilaro and Yewaland at large. I can still remember, vividly, when I attended an Anglican Church in Lagos. I was introduced to their organist. The first question he asked me was, “Are

you a member

of the Anglican Diocese?”

“Yes, I am,” I replied. Preempting his next question, which I knew would be, “Which diocese?” I tried as much as possible to ‘disappear’ from there but it was a futile effort.

He asked at last, “Which diocese?” “Yewa Diocese,” I said pettishly. “Oh! Yewa Diocese, I heard their is a crisis in…” I knew where he was going, I had to cut in! An indelible experience!!!

This crisis must stop! I am aware of the fact that it is hard to solve a religious matter but no matter how hard it is, drastic steps must be taken! I am totally against anything that defames the image of my town and my religion.
If Scapegoatism will help the matter, then I am in full support.

Scapegoatism helps sometimes. Ananias sold and kept back part of the proceeds. Asked by Peter if he sold his possession for the amount he laid down, he lied saying he did. His wife, Sapphira, also assisted him in lying. The two were made scapegoats and great fear came upon all the church. Scapegoatism helped in controlling other church members. Those involve in the crisis are against God,  just like Ananias and his wife lied, not to Peter, but to God.

Turning the house of God into a battle field is anomalous. Is Scapegoatism the way out? Scapegoatism comes in different forms. Who knows? Scapegoatism may help!


One thought on “Cathedral Church of Christ: And the Crises Continues! Is Scapegoatism the Way Out?

  1. MY
    PEOPLE LET US HAVE A RE–THINK :I was born 43years ago in this Land (Yewa).I know Yewa people are peaceful and loving.As I grow up,I began to see that this was not true again about us,(Hmmmm,sad.Am crying).We now fight for everything.Look at it,In politics we fight ourselves and our opponents are using that to distabalise us and defeat us.Even,we went as far as Fighting in the House of God-The Cathedral. we have forgotten that the church belongs to no one but GOD.we allow that fool from Ekiti kwara to make us sin against God.Hmmmm,Yewa,Think o.we have gone to the extend of fighting and even planning to eliminate the life of annoitted men of God-The RT.Revd & Mrs Michael and Grace Oluwarohunbi.Hmmm,Be careful o,because,it is written,”touch not my anniotted and do my prophet no harm”.Cathedral belongs to all of us and my Lord Bishop;Rt.Revd Michael Oluwarounbi is the spiritual Head.Let us accept him and his Leadership. He is loving and caring.He is sent by God to repair the broken walls of Yewa Land.Pls,my people,let us be peaceful. The Lord be with you all.amen.


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