Cathedral Church of Christ: At Last! But not Over!


At last! The crisis facing the Cathedral Church of Christ seems to be heading to a path called resolution. But it only seems! It’s not over!
Despite the fact that a service was held at the church today, available evidences suggest that while a service was going on in the Cathedral Church of Christ, another was taking place at the Prayer City along Papa-Ilaro.
Despite the departure of the Provost, the division continues! But things seems to be getting better. But can things get better when the church is still divided? When will the crisis finally end? Soon? Or soonest? Who will take the shot? How? Questions begging for answers!
Time is the master of all things! Time will surely tell!
Let’s pray! Almighty God, unite your people and have mercy on them. Grant them wisdom to walk the path of your son, Jesus Christ. Show them love and let your name be glorified through them. Amen.


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