Oke-Odan Killings: We will get Justice- Hon. Akinlade

Hon. Adekunl Akinlade, better known as Triple-A, has promised his constituency that the recent innocent killings by Customs will not be buried as justice shall prevail.

Hear him,

Dear all, I am still interfacing with the Nigerian Customs on the issue. The text below is a testimony to this fact ….

“Good afternoon Hon,
I’m Sanusi A.U.mni the (ACG HQS) of Nigeria Customs Service.
Please kindly return my call when free.

We must as a people agree that regardless of the alleged offense (if any), the Constitution of our great Nation attests  to the fact that ..the role of government is to protect lives and properties of every citizen … Thus under no circumstance can any agency of government murder harmless citizens within the pristine of a town. The rules of engagement clearly states that … you MAY use maximum force if UNDER treat. In this instance, those murdered had no guns or any form of tools to warrant such brutal death.

Together, we will get justice for them by God’s grace, we must set aside our differences and condemn this callous act for what it is….

Hon. Adekunle Abdulkqabir Akinlade MHR


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