|By Chief Dapo Oke|
From Economic sense, I’m not against subsidy withdrawal policy of the present administration but I’m not happy as it pained that when the last regime wanted to take this bold step at revamping our economy these same people in power today campaigned vigorously and mobilised the Labour , the civil societies and the masses against it at least for their political gains and other selfish interests.

If you call this politics then I will also conclude to mention that the present crop of political leaders are Nigeria’s worst enemies. They are hypocritical in their love for the nation and claim of patrotism. They don’t deserve people’s respect at all for all I cares.

To the Labour leaders, it is very painful that they no longer command the respect of the majority work force,this is the time to feel the pains of their usual sell out on National matter and workers interest. It calls for sober reflections that they have lost their voices. Just my candid view anyway that you were used then to subverge the Nation’s economic interest only to be dumped by your accomplices in the present scenario.


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