Use music to promote cultural tourism values —Ooni counsels Olamide Badoo

The Ooni of Ife, His Imperial Majesty Oba Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi has counselled Adedeji Olamide, a.k.a Badoo, the world renown Nigerian music rapper to amplify and boost the tunes of his music with traditional instruments and inject traditional melodies which enhances the socio- cultural and tourism heritage of the Yoruba in particular and Nigeria in general in his rhyming lyrics
The Ooni Ojaja said rap music “which is your forte is urgently needed not only by the Yoruba race alone, but by Nigeria as a nation because of its being a potent instrument of passing messages in the form of rhythmically intonated poetry in which words and language are frequently and exceptionally poetic”.


Ooni Ojaja added “In fact, your brand of music can be employed to help teenagers comprehend the Yoruba Language, help in its application and development of our language skill. It is also an instrument to sell the cultural tourism heritage of the race for the teenager to embrace, cherish, appreciate and preserve”.
Oba Ogunwusi who welcomed the young talented Nigerian music rapper to his palace in Ile – Ife on Monday commended Olamide for “ stoking and refining the golden talents sowed in you by God Almighty which you have been putting into use in adding refreshing value into the rap and dance melody of the music sector”.
Oba Ogunwusi pointed out “You are a pride of the Yoruba race. You have stylishly entered into the rap – hip hop music world and tilted its scale of balance by maintaining excellence benchmark which is not only plausible but enviable. You have in excellent form filled the vacuum which would have been left in place after the death of an older rapper.”
His Imperial Majesty said “In honesty, your music is magical, it enchants, it attracts, it ignites the passion of liveliness, and it appeals to the rhythm of the heart. It feeds the soul and ensures that its lethal kills the spirit of boredom, banishes the aura of dullness, extinguishes tension out of the body system and revives muscles for proper functional exercise “. This is why I consider you and others in the music industry as significant partners in the vision of revitalising and resuscitating of the Oduduwa Heritage and tourism potentialities”.
Ooni Ojaja said, “Imagine if you Olamide, has a release which raps some notable tourism sites in Yoruba and in Nigeria, this will go a long way not only at registering the names of these sites in the minds and memories of the teenagers especially, but could also trigger the curiosity of visiting”.
Oba Ogunwusi tasked Olamide to steer clear of “brazenly lewd lyrics which add burden of corruption to the moral latitude of the youths, but use your talents and musical prowess to challenge immorality and spark off the challenge of reasonableness among the teenagers.
The Ooni prayed for Olamide “The blessing of the God of songs which has been showered on you by God Almighty will not dry off. Your star shall shine and shine and shine. And no one will be able to cover your sunshine.”
Oba Ogunwusi also commended Ambassador Wanle Akinboboye , President Atunda Entertainment who facilitated the visit of the renowned rap crooner to the palace for his “insatiable urge and passion at not only developing talents, but exposing them for international visibility and reference.”
In his response, Olamide who was visibly elated said that he was short of words but “I thank God for making this day a reality. Going by where I was coming from to where I am today, being blessed and acknowledged by His Imperial Majesty is a testimony that every child counts. It is a testimony that each of us should not bury our talent. It is a testimony to the fact that failure or success in life depends largely on the will of God; coupled with temerity of purpose and hard work. I don’t know what to say to my Baba, the Ooni Ojaja 11 of Yoruba race who has not only told me what I don’t know about my music, but also told me what to do I solemnly affirm that I will do it all. I thank Ambassador Akinboboye for this and grateful to Ooni Ojaja 11 who will live longer and achieve far, far better than his fore fathers.”


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