Absence of Management Culture: A Case Study of Abandoned Computer Centre built by Hon. Akinlade

No doubt, the inability of Nigerians to manage effectively has contributed to the underdevelopment of the so called giant. For us to grow, manage we must! Most leaders cannot rise and give what is expected of them because they lack managerial abilities. A leader must be a Manager, but it is not a must for the latter to possess leadership abilities.
The city of Ilaro, the headquarters of Yewaland, has not been living up to her potentials compared to headquarters of other divisions in Ogun State.
Some years back, two computer centres were built by Hon. Abiodun Akinlade. Hope was high that these centres would contribute reasonably to the development of the town considering the fact that almost everything has been computerised.
While one of these centres is being run efficiently and effectively, things are not going well with the other. Below are pictures of this computer centre located close to the Police Barracks. In our quest to disrespect the status-quo, Ilaro Newswave discovered that this centre has been abandoned completely despite the computers and other appliances that are in it. We also discovered that Ilaro Youth Council(IYC) has requested for permission to take over this centre but their request has been experiencing one gridlock or the other.





We hereby call us authorities involved to take a drastic step towards correcting and repositioning the computer centre. This centre is capable of generating revenue that can be channelled towards developmental projects.


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