2019 GOVERNORSHIP TUSSLE: THE STANDS OF THE YEWAS( A response to Hon. Dare Adekoya’s article on Lagos Politicians in Yewaland)

( By Mr Oluwole Olatunbosun)
My dear brother, your write up was carefully perused and comfortably comprehended sequel to the governorship aspiration of Yewa come 2019, but I quite agree to disagree with some of the claims you highlighted in your submission over the subject matter. Before responding to your claims one by one. Let me remind you of the gimmicks of our political enemies with their calculative attempts, standing afar and began to throwing the stones of destruction, disunity into the fold of the Yewas at the time when political activities started gathering momentum. This political enemies have different strategies from dislodging the Yewas from realizing its governorship ambition through divide and rule tactics, they have again started the ploy, therefore, Yewas must this time around shines our eyes and must not surrender ourselves to be used through any means. Some of the strategy they use is by sponsoring an Yewa indigent to fighting his kinsmen and runs him down without any just course. And if such happens in their fold, they will rally round themselves and resolve their differences amicably either through their clear cut leader or their monarch, they will never runs down their kinsmen or washing their dirty linen in public, therefore, let us all learn from them.


Now, let me start responding to your submissions, you cited various degrees of examples and the happenings in some states, viz-a-viz Ondo, Ekiti, Osun and Kogi states claiming that some of their past and present governors were not home based indigents which is why when they become the governors in their various states, they misbehaved by overlording contractors from other states at the detriments of their citizens, now, if Aregbesola could have done this in his state, Mimiko did the same in Ondo and Fayemi in Ekiti simply because they were not home based politician, then my brother how come the present governor of Ekiti state, Fayose who is a home based and grassroot politician who wines and dines in every nook and cranny of Ekiti still behaves like unchained mad dog. My brother let us leave sentiments apart. From your defense, you tilt to support an aspirant who happens to be home based, but how many of those Yewa aspirants that you know lives in his or her home town as of today, or who happens to be a home based and grassroot politician as governor Fayose claimed. Most of them lives elsewhere in Lagos.

This Time around, whether indigent or non indigent, that is not what we need as of now, but what we need is somebody either from the west or south, north or east, tall or short, black or white, must be somebody who have the wherewithal to challenge with all the resources at his disposal to break the sword of Damocles that had being bedevilled with the Yewas in the recent past.
My dear brother, how many home grown Yewa aspurants are financially capable and sufficiently upright without tying his apron for financial assistance when the race began, how many Yewa people are ready to render financial support to his kinsmen when the race began, typical Yewas are not ready to do that, therefore, for this opportunity not to elude us, anybody whatsoever comes out as flagbearer as a Yewa man must be wudely accepted irrespective of where he or she comes from, else our political enemies tell us that we are not yet ready. In the ancient days whenever a community is being ravaged by war all the time, they seek for  help from a brave warrior from the adjourning community and if the warrior fights and conquered, the community  that the warrior helped may decide to appreciate him, either by indeg aenise the warrior or conferred him with highest chieftaincy title as the case may be. This analogue may be likened to what we are experiencing in Yewa as of now, let us leave sentiment apart and rally round and work in unism and support any warrior who have passion and ready to associate with the Yewas for our tall dreams to be actualised smoothly. It will be better to learn fast from those states you mentioned and correct the future mistakes to put our house in order.
May Almighty God help and bless Yewa and everyone of us.


One thought on “2019 GOVERNORSHIP TUSSLE: THE STANDS OF THE YEWAS( A response to Hon. Dare Adekoya’s article on Lagos Politicians in Yewaland)

  1. As per the issues of importing people who are not home based to contest in Yewa l agreed with the writer, allow anybody from anywhere to handle the mantle in as much he claimed that he hails from yewa, let forget touch_lightening where he comes from. Nobody dwelling in or outside yewa that ready to supponse any aspirant when the time comes. We ve seen it all. Like the case of former governor of ogun state that healed to similar wounds we are nursing in yewa for remo people in Grand style and is well and good for them and at least the remo people as made the history.

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