Ogun 2019: Do we need Lagos Politicians?

(By Hon. Otunba Dare Olabosipo Adekoya)
Since l was back to APC, some of my friends and associates ln APC Ogun and Lagos States have been calling me and drawing my attention to a particular APC Ogun State Governorship aspirant who is from Lagos State they all expressed their desire in wanting me to meet the man one-on-one,they described him as ‘being charismatic and with deep pockets’ though unknown to them l have personally met the man twice,one at Abuja APC Mini Convention in August 2014 and the APC National Convention in December 2014 in Lagos, but l continue to be evasive,due to reasons best known to me. Though lm not  Nostradamus [the man who sees tomorrow] neither do l have a crystal ball to predict the future but you can call me a “political prophet” and you won’t be far from the truth and this is as result of my experience in political strategy observation because l’m so curious,observant and inquisitive, aside that l’m a brilliant student of political behavioral studies.


Naturally l have my reservations when it comes to these Lagos politicians leaving their station of practice for else where to vie for elective offices or to serve on political appointments, a few examples will be suffice for explanation, When Governor Aregbesola left Lagos State as Commissioner to contest the Governorship election in Osun State,he went there with his retinue of friends,associates,financiers and followers and when he became  Governor, what did we see? A polarization of the party into two in the state:we now have Lagos APC Caucus and Osun APC Caucus this brought in a lot of unhealthy rivalry,supremacy struggle and power tussling between the groups and it created a gulf of dichotomy particularly in the sharing of the spoil of offices,appointments and juicy contracts,hence till date if you see an old Osun APC leader he will always tell you the tales of woes of how APC Lagos Caucus cornered all the juicy appointments and contracts from them,which reveal why till tomorrow in Osun State you will continue to hear of “Lagos Contractors,Lagos Developers,Lagos  politicians and other sundry appellations, The same event repeated itself in Ekiti State when Dr Fayemi was there to vie for the Governorship election,infact one of the factors that led to Fayemi losing his re-election bid  was the,the disillusion,the division,the ranks breaking and the dichotomy in Ekiti APC bordering on the supremacy tussle in the caucuses of Lagos and Ekiti APC politicians, the rest as they say is history, One of the reasons why Ondo State people rejected the candidacy of Akeredolu was that his nomination was conceived,planned, packaged and implemented from Lagos and that he was an APC Lagos Candidate, so by extension they tagged him as a ‘vassal or District officer’, Also during the ldris Audu/Faleke ticket of election in Kogi State, the number of Lagos APC core politicians that left Lagos State and followed Faleke to Kogi State were well over 4,000 they occupied all the hotels in Kogi for the election purposes,if today Faleke were to be the Governor of Kogi State,the APC Lagos would have sent their Kogi APC politicians counterpart underground and on a long vacation break and take over the realm of affair in the State and that is why l can’t help feeling sorry for my Ogun APC politicians and their desirous appetite to bring in foreigners to take over their jobs,with their own very mouth they are calling for their own political demise and extinction,just call any old progressive politician in Osun State and ask him ‘how market?’ and his response will touch you to the marrow,but come to think of it,are there no home grown politicians in Ogun State than can take over from Governor Amosun in 2019?, Do we need these Lagos politicians with their mammoth of associates, financiers and supporters to annex our dear State and send us all on long holiday?
Today l may be seen as a lone voice in the wilderness of politics,but if this plan is allowed to be hatched and it succeed, someday lm sure some of the people reading this article today will look back and be forced to call me a “True Political Prophet” [TPP] keep this in your archieves and for the record purpose.


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