Ilaro Building Razed Down By Fire

A whole flat in Jubilee’s estate, Ilaro, was razed down by inferno. According to the info reaching us, valuables worth millions of naira were burnt down to ashes. The estate is being occupied by staffs of Dangote Cement Plant, Ibese.


The Steward on duty in the estate did not hesitate to act like a hero, he quickly climb through a ladder to a smoked corridor to break the back door and rushed to put off the generator before the arrival of the Ogun State Fire Fighters.
The cause of the inferno  was traced to weak wiring in the flat.
The occupant of the flat was shedding tears like a kid because of all his credentials razed down in the inferno, he said, he give glory to God that no casualty was recorded, his newly wedded wife rushed down out of the building with only one cloth, and for now that’s all she got, he said he is also left with only what he has on him. But once there is life there is hope.
Sympathisers, Police and senior staff were all present to make sure the fire quenched totally.


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