Collaborations with more A-list artist is very much in the plan: Tobi Omo Ilaro says as he releases single featuring Olamide and Reminisce

Ilaro’s rising star is at it again! Known to many as Tobi Omo Ilaro, he is indeed in quest for stardom. Today, he drops another song featuring Olamide and Reminisce titled WHO YOU EPP. The song, which is a remix of Olamide’s WHO YOU EPP, proves Tobi’s quest for stardom. In an interview with Ilaro Newswave, Tobi talks about his career and the journey ahead.


Can we meet you sir?
My full name is Oluwatobi Olamide Akinola but you can simply call me Tobi which is my stage name. And many people like calling me Omo Ilaro, being the title of one of my songs.

How did you found yourself on this path?
I started singing when I was a little boy in the Redeemed children’s choir, going to represent the church, doing gospel raps and creative stuffs. I grew up loving music from all genres and backgrounds which is why my music is not streamlined into one particular pattern. A versatile artiste my colleagues call me cos I can do Local and Traditional, RnB, Hip Hop, Rap and so on. You can confirm this by listening to my past songs.

The industry is a competitive one, how has the journey been?
Competitive is an understatement. Things are not so easy for artistes who haven’t gotten to the very top o. To promote a single song effectively, it takes millions of Naira to do so. Where would people like me get that kind of money? Artistes like me only need a solid sponsor or investor. The sky is just the limit to the success I will achieve with that. The game is ‘run with money’ now. If your music is good but you do not have money to push it, someone with terrible songs and money will get people’s attention because that is what you will be hearing here and there and before you know it, you will start singing the song too. That’s how the game is my brother.
I am using this medium to reach out to our wealthy and influential people in Yewaland and in diaspora to look into helping talented people like me and make us superstars. Together we can make Yewa great.

You just released a single with two A-list artist today,hope getting them on board wasn’t a tough task?
God bless Olamide for making his song ‘Who you EPP’ available for remix. So I did justice to the remix and got Baba Hafusa’s Voice on it too to make it a top standard version. And with world famous ZEALOUS the Mix Machine on the Mix, I bet both Olamide and Reminisce would love this version even more than theirs.

The song is titled, WHO YOU EPP?, can you tell us more about it?
Many people have used the phrase “who you EPP” to sing in different way, but I have decided to use it in a way of asking beautiful and heavily loaded ladies who they have helped with all their endowments. Lol. “Who you epp with your king size backyard”. Hope you understand? LOL

You featured Reminisce, who is also a Yewa man, it seems the ‘Yewa blood’ is a factor, right? (laughs)
Yes. Bonding is good between brothers and since Reminisce is a native of Yewa like me and also a colleague in the game, it is only a matter of time before we start doing a lot together. Together we can take Yewa’s name to glory.

You still have a long way to go, what should your fans look out for? Collaboration with more A-list artist, I guess
My fans have been very patient and understanding. As far as I am concerned, I have not started thrilling them with music well enough. I have loads of hit music in my archives but I’m waiting for the right time and resources to produce and promote them.
Collaborations with more A-List artistes is very much in the plan. You can only expect greatness from Tobi. Nothing Less!

At first, many called you a local musician, but it seems it was a wrong conception. Any comment?
As I said earlier on, I am a versatile musician. It just happened that I started off with my local and indigenous music which is a very good way to start because charity, they say, begins at home. If I have the love and support of my people, then I’m good to go. “Blowdome is inevitable,” as I usually say.

Words for your fans out there
To all my fans out there, I just wanna thank you for your patience, your support and belief in me. Please continue hanging on, I’ll get there eventually and you will all be very proud of being my day one fans.

WHO YOU EPP? Click here to download


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