Yewa Youth Voice Rebrands


Yewa Youth Voice is a stratification of the voices in Yewa community.  It is the community  of young people in Yewa land. A youth-led organization established to empower, orientate and enlightened young people from age 18 to 40, to influence and inform the decisions that affect their respective lives. YYV will support young people to get involved in democracy locally, nationally and internationally, making a difference as volunteers, campaigners, decision-makers and leaders. It will also aim to help young people regardless their background or barriers they face, to make the world a better place for us all.

We are here to restore trust, decency and confidence in Yewaland as a way to contribute to our beloved community.

YYV members are committed yewa indigenes who have shown good interest in genuine development of Yewa land so that our upcoming generations will be proud to have a land they can call their peaceful home.

If you support YYV ideology, a politically stable and peaceful Yewaland, you can join us irrespective of your background or Location. Our organization will consider everyone who believes in restoration trust, decency and confidence in Yewaland which YYV stands for.

YYV is made up of members who support our common vision for the future of Yewa land. Members will at all times determine our policies and prioritise our campaigns through the elected officers of the group who will also act as the link between YYV individual members within the membership register, and various external organizations.
Objectives Include;
* To maintain unity,  understanding, cooperation, tolerance, peace and harmony among Yewa Youths.
* To work for justice and equity
* To solve the problem of unemployment through self employment units such as vocational training centre,  small scale and cottage industries,  factories,  etc.
* Charity service to the less privileged.
* To promote and increase self-esteem,  self-confidence  and self-belief by delivering a range of topics that are both educationally and therapeutically based.
* To provide and maintain a safe environment for members
* To empower youths to advocate on their own and others behalf.
* To create a safer, happier society by raising aspirations for the future and
* Building a Formidable Future for all Yewa Youths.


Join YYV WhatsApp group: Send YYC to 0810 074 4366, then you are in.


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