Youths in Governance: Meet Comrade Ojo Olorunfemi Babatunde (MC Famous), UPN Councilorship Candidate

Comrade Ojo Olorunfemi Babatunde

There are facts to prove that leadership is not about age. Many Nigerians have, in recent months, decried the low level of participation of the youth in governance. The issue has become a trending topic both online and offline but this did not just happen in an instant.

During a national conference in 2014, a coalition of youths brought the issue to the fore. They affirmed that the estimated population of Nigerian youths, which constitute about 70 percent of the population, is twice the population of Ghana and more than the population of South Africa and United Kingdom (enough to be the 4th and 19th largest country in Africa and the world respectively). This was followed by a number of reports of younger individuals from the entertainment profession declaring their candidacy for the general elections in 2015.

It is against this backdrop that the #30PercentOrNothingcampaign sprang up on social media. Young people are mandating all political parties to effect a 30% inclusion of the youth in elective and appointment offices or risk the votes of youths in the upcoming elections.


We present to you, Comrade Ojo Olorunfemi Babatunde, Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN)  flag bearer for Ilaro Ward 1 Councillorship post.
His ward comprises of Orita, Poly, Gbokoto, Pahayi, Musa, Ona-Egbo,  Oke-Ola, Ikosi, and Egbo village.

The ‘selection’ mode of politics makes it difficult for younger people to win elections. But it is time to look towards the upcoming generation and see what they have to offer since the ‘old engines’ have failed us.

“It’s achievable,” Comrade Olorunfemi Babatunde says.


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