Cathedral Church of Christ: Prayer City demolished, faction holds service at Layo School



The events unfolding in the Diocese of Yewa are not surprising as the Cathedral Church of Christ’s Prayer City was demolished days ago. The crisis, which broke out with a confrontation between the former Provost and the Diocesan Bishop, is not new to many.

A new turn was taken with the demolition of the Cathedral’s Prayer City situated along Papa-Ilaro road. But this has not stopped the faction from holding their Sunday service, as the Layo Nursery and Primary School ground turned to the house of God. The Prayer City belongs to the Cathedral, and a forceful takeover by the Diocese should not be wrong since the Diocese is supreme.

Despite the resignation of the former Provost and having established his own church, the faction are bent on seeing the ‘end’ of the Diocesan Bishop. But with no ‘force’and support to achieve their set goal, it seems they have finally established their own church called CATHEDRAL CHURCH OF CHRIST (PRAYER CITY). But with a forced exodus from the Prayer City ground, one has to be on the look out for their next name.

Many are so much concerned about the division of the leading church in Yewaland and with the turn of things, it seems the status quo has to be respected. But what would be the next scenario? What should other churches expect from the giant church in Yewaland? Or maybe the Rubicon has been crossed and there would be no going back? Time is the master of all things.

Since both side claim to worship same God, maybe one should not worry so much about what comes next. Or should we be so much concerned that the house of God is divided?  Whatever your take is, there are always two sides to a story. It is imperative for one to know both sides before concluding.

Anyway, let us hope it ends soon. Soon? I mean soonest!


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