By Chief Dapo Oke

“It is impossible to have two Cathedrals in a Diocese”

Chief Dapo Oke

My attention was called to the misinformation being served on the facebook wall of some group of people who called themselves “Cathedral Ilaro” on the fencing of the Cathedral Church of Christ, Ilaro land along Papalanto -Ilaro road.  Let me clearly state here that the decision to fence the property was duly taken by the Cathedral Church Administration against the continued illegal usage by the disgruntled elements congregating on the premises to promote crisis in the house of God. For long we have tolerated them and now we felt we need to put things in order to put a check on their impunity

The small structure on the piece of land which they are using for their illegal Sunday  worship had to be demolished in view of the fact that the structure was located within the stipulated setback metres in line with town planning laws and since the Church would not waste it’s resources after fencing and only to be demolished again when the road construction on papalanto road eventually commence. That’s the difference between wisdom, knowledge and stupidity. It therefore means that now or later the structure will have to be demolished.

As regards the steps taken, the Church committee had given enough notices to the illegal occupants and even wrote to inform the police about its intention. The two bodies were invited by the police for discussions where it was established that the people worshiping in that place were occupying the space illegally. The Police had also given them notice to vaccate the premises but to no avail.

Anglican church Yewa Dioscese has a body of rules guiding establishment of churches and it’s administration…check relevant sections in the Diocesan constitution and situate the approving powers of the Diocesan Board and the Bishop in this regard against the background of what is happening there. We told them all these but they won’t listen.

Let me also say it clearly here that the decision that has been taken now is simply on effective occupation of the site and dislodgement of the miscreants on the pieces of land that belong to the Cathedral Church while the decision of what we do next in the place will be taken in due course but in true sense, the land was originally procured for our new cemetry long before the coming of Adewunmi since the old CAN cemetry has ran out of space.

We all know the Address of our Cathedral and it is not possible to have two Cathedral in a Diocese neither do we have a Cathedral branch in our laws so who are these people claiming to be worshipping in the prayer city and still referring to themselves as Cathedral Ilaro .Where is the headquarters of their illegal congregation,  who is the presiding authority of their illegal church and so on

Ask them even if the former Bishop had dedicated the place as claimed is it for the purpose they are presently using the place. Let them tell us if their activities and atrocities in the place conform with the doctrine of Anglicanism.

Please take away the name of the Bishop from this it was a decision of the Church committee QED


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