Ilaro Youth Council


The Ilaro Youth Council is the community youth council of young people in Ilaro. A youth-led organization established to empower young people from age 18 to 40, to influence and inform the decisions that affect their lives. IYC will support young people to get involved in their communities and democracy locally, nationally and internationally, making a difference as volunteers, campaigners, decision-makers and leaders. It will also aim to help young people, whatever their background or barriers they face, to make the world a better place for us all.


Ilaro Youth Council is established to be a voice for young people living, studying or working in Ilaro town and to make it a friendlier place for young people. It is to be funded by membership contributions and fund raising activities by the organization.

It seeks to:

represent the views of young people, aged 18-49, in Ilaro – Ogun State, but also seek to improve quality of life for those who are younger.

raise awareness of youth.

improve the image of young people.

promote young people’s issues to adults and local governance.

operate as an independent youth council.

work with the local government council and local organisations to improve opportunities for young people.

create an active interest in local affairs.

Its work priorities are to:

Improve Transport: Safe and Affordable Public Transport

Our vision is that all young people across the Yewaland can access safe and affordable public transport.

Therefore, we will seek to:

Bring down cost of travel for young people outside of school hours

More cycle lanes for safer and healthier young people

Improve cleanliness on our roads and public transport

Tackle inconsistent and stereotyped perceptions of young people (age discrimination):

Through advertising the positive contributions young people make in our town and villages

By allowing young people to participate more in “adult” life

Through creation of Youth Council website

Production of regular newsletter

Holding Youth Council “surgeries” in designated youth centres

Improve activities and expand young people’s access to them:

Through affordable (or free) music and youth events

Through more activities

Through more advertising of what’s on

By less vandalism of play areas


IYC is made up of members who support our common vision for young people. Members will elect our Board, determine our policies and prioritise our campaigns. They will also act as the link between IYC individual members within the membership register, and various external organizations.


The Annual Council Meeting will celebrate what we have achieved and help to shape our work for the future – through discussion, debate and voting and through the elections to vacant posts on IYC’s Board of Trustees. Attendance at the Annual Meeting is FREE to all IYC members and lunch and refreshments will be provided.


IYC is led by young people for young people – by Board of Trustee made up of young people and elected by you the members. Members can find out more about them when we put the list together and what they want to do for you and how you can stand to become a member online.


IYC’s Honorary Presidents will be elected (or re-elected) annually and drawn from representatives of the main political parties in the Ogun State House of Assembly. If any member wishes to put forward a Member of Parliament to be considered for one of these positions, they can fill the nomination form which can be found online for submission.


The board will present their annual report to you, including our accounts for the year, and outlining plans for the coming year and give you a chance to ask questions about the work of IYC.

Defending our Members Futures

We believe that the lack of funding to education services is detrimental to young people’s ambitions and aspirations.

Our vision is to provide current and future generations of young people with a decent standard of living, focused on payment of an equal and sufficient wage for their work and the ability to access high quality youth services because we believe young people need youth services now more than ever.


Our training programmes will empower young people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to bring about change on a local, national and international level.


We can provide training for pupils to help them develop key skills such as negotiation, time management, public speaking and sports.


In conjunction with a training agency, our training programme will also focus on women in democracy. This is an opportunity to explore issues and experiences of Nigeria’s democracy with leading female parliamentarians and the chance to design and deliver your very own workshop about women in democracy in your local area.


We run training workshops, create volunteering opportunities and build inspiring campaigns which give everyone aged 25 and under a chance to make a positive contribution to society.

At home and abroad, we will enable organisations to effectively get involve and motivate young people in their work, from community projects through to the boardroom.


The key to our success in campaigning is to be the combination of activities and platforms we provide: we do not simply train young people with the skills to campaign effectively; we make sure their views are taken directly to local councillors, Honourables, Senators and other decision makers to have a lasting impact on policy.


As a youth organization, we will depend on the support of individuals, groups and companies who enables us to do our work of empowering young people. There are lots of different ways you can support our work too by:


We run a number of youth-led networks and programmes which encourage young people to get involved in democracy and campaign to bring about change.

· Ilaro Young Ambassadors

· Ilaro Youth Parliament(Making our Mark)


Find out more about us, our work and how to get involve in our campaigns. You can find out how we choose our priority campaigns and how to get involved.


· Youth on Board Awards

· A youth-led rolling award scheme that recognises innovative and exciting youth participation.

· Youth Voice Award

· Accredits the hard work that young representatives do within their local communities.

· Local Councillor Shadowing Award


If you recognise young people’s understanding and involvement in local democracy, you can join IYC by becoming a member. Young people within your organisation can come together with others across the Ogun State and Nigeria.

IYC empowers this unique coalition to use their powerful collective voice to make a difference and to influence decisions – locally, nationally and internationally.

· Get Active and Apply For Membership

· Member benefits

· Types and fees

· Opportunities for members

· Members Calendar

· National members meeting

· Current Member List


As a charity, we depend on the ongoing support of the fantastic individuals, groups and companies who enable us to continue our work empowering young people. There are lots of different ways you can support our work.